The Second Chakra, Week Two

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I Create and Nurture Freely

Last week I posted information and resources to support first chakra work. This week we will focus on the second chakra. In this SECOND CHAKRA post you will find a basic 2nd chakra overview,  a link to a 2nd chakra meditation, a mini asana sequence (text only), and an ‘affirmation graphic’ which you can print out.

These posts are part of a FREE online *Chakra Nourishment Workshop that I’m hoping to launch by Jan 2013. The full workshop, when it’s live, will include asana videos for each chakra, and invite you to post your writing responses to


For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of chakras, read what are the chakras.

The concept of the chakras stems from ancient Yogic traditions and are known as spiritual energy centers focused in specific places along the spinal column. In addition to serving as spiritual points, these energy centers are associated with a specific physical structure within Western medicine, such as the Pineal and Pituitary glands. There are seven chakra points along the spinal column and up through the top of the head.


Name: Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana

Color:  Orange (chakras increase in frequency and increase in wavelength as they go up the body)

Element: Water (flowing/liquid)

Chant: VAM

Sense: Taste

Location: Sacrum (btwn solar plexus and pubic bone)

Glands: Gonads and Spleen

If Balanced: Fluidity, giving/receiving love, communion, co-creation, pro-creation, sexually healthy, sensual life

If Stuck: Not in touch w/feelings, sexual repression/promiscuity, emotionalism


Free Meditation: Second Chakra Creativity- Try this meditation at least once prior to the writing exercise.

Affirmation: I create and nurture freely (click and print the orange image below, then meditate on it every morning for 5 minutes min)

Writing Prompts: When I think of orange…. The taste of life is ….. To think outside of the box means…. I feel most uninhibited when…. (write on one of these prompts for 15-30 minutes, stream of consciousness, no editing).

Click the image above to enlarge and print.

The sacral/second chakra is the emotional center for our being. It is the place where we connect to our inner feelings and tap into our creativity. Primary development of the second chakra starts in the years leading up to puberty and continues to about age 14. During this time self esteem, self image and the ability to express oneself are primary.

SECOND CHARA ASANA SEQUENCEThe second chakra is tied to the sacral area, which is the center of the reproductive organs. So, until I can film an asana practice for the second chakra, try this restorative routine, which focuses on breathing:

1.Get centered by practicing rice bag breathing. Continue to focus on the rhythm of your breath and rise and fall of the solar plexus throughout this hatha yoga sequence.

2. With the rice bag still in place, shift into reclining cobbler and remain in this pose for two to three minutes.

3. Now remove the rice bag and lift into supported bridge pose. Allow your thighs/legs to be relaxed and open, don’t try to keep the thighs engaged. With every inhale allow yourself to open to any emotions that arise. With every exhale give yourself permission to gently release those emotions.

4. Roll onto your belly and shift into supported frog pose, and continue to allow the emotions to rise and fall as above. Remain in frog pose until your emotions feel steady and you are ready to move on.

5. To close your practice, get into a comfortable position, and listen to the second chakra meditation.

The ability to fully experience and express emotions, without getting stuck in emotion or avoiding any particular emotion is a sign of a healthy second chakra. Those who experienced emotional neglect during the formative years, or who were taught that it is not safe to express emotions may have unbalance second chakras.

An unbalanced second chakra leads to emotionalism or emotional apathy. Signs of emotionalism include feeling ruled by your emotions, being overly sensitive, and feeling everything around you without the ability to filter. Signs of a blocked second chakra are an inabiity to feel anything be it a pleasant or unpleasant emotion, sexual apathy, and blocked creativity.

Many people who suffer addiction, depression and anxiety would benefit from second chakra work as a compliment to physical and psychological care by a licensed medical professional.

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