Guided Sun Salutation Tutorials

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Learn how to do Hatha Yoga Sun Salutations with the 19 min Sun Salutation Focus on Basics Audio Tutorial and 14 min Guided Daily Sun Salutation Audio found on this page. Also at the bottom of this page is a visual graphic of a full hatha yoga sun salutation sequence and written Sun Salutation tips.


This 19 min Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation Tutorial was created to compliment the free Awareness and Miracle workshops found at The tutorial contains only one sun salutation sequence – follow up salutations can be done with the Sun Salutation Daily Practice recording. It helps with preparing for practice, setting an intention, alignment, breath and modifications. Note: at 16:30 I accidentally say ‘forward lunge’ when I meant to say ‘forward fold’


Before performing this or any other hatha yoga practice please get clearance from your physical. If you feel discomfort or pain discontinue the yoga practice and seek in person assistance from an experienced yoga instructor.


This 14 min Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation Tutorial can be used for daily practice or to compliment theĀ Awareness and Miracle workshops found at The tutorial starts with one slow sun salutation, then continues with three more quicker sun salutations, and finally closes with a meditative suggestion. There is an intro, then the guided practice begins at about 1:40.

Note: at 9:14 I accidentally say ‘depending on your DOWN dog’ when I meant to say ‘depending on your UP dog.’




  1. While in Mountain Pose place the hands at heart center, close the eyes and tune in to your breath. Then set an intention for your practice before beginning.
  2. Arch Back – Do not thrust the hips forward. Instead keep the thighs engaged and hips stable. Allow the arch to be formed by pulling up in back from the base of the spine. Lift your heart high.
  3. Forward Fold – Try to keep the legs straight and knees unlocked. If you have difficulty reaching the floor place your hands on yoga blocks.
  4. Lunge – The photo shows a bent back leg, but see if you can straighten your back leg, sending energy out through the heel of that back foot. For the front leg be mindful of not letting the knee extend past the toe.
  5. The photo shows full plank position. If full plank is too challenging, lower the knees into modified plank pose. Notice that the models body is nice and straight, she is not sinking into her shoulders, her neck is long, and her bottom is neither too high or too low.
  6. Chin/Chest Lower – Notice that the bottom stays up. The palms are on the floor while the elbows are up and back (not spread like wings). From here you will slide forward to Up Dog.
  7. Upward Dog – I don’t like the way the model has her neck jammed back. Instead keep your neck in line with the rest of your spine by looking straight ahead into the horizon. Fingers should be spread wide, shoulders are back and down (not scrunched up by the neck). Only come up as high is comfortable for you.
  8. Down Dog – Fingers are spread wide, torso is long and heels are descending toward the mat. Imagine someone is pulling your hips up and back. Roll your triceps inward toward one another. Keep your neck in neutral alignment.