Letter to Cheating Husband

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About 30 Min w/Mo

30 Minutes with Mo is a series of essays that I’ve written in response to writing prompts. The idea is to write for 30 minutes non-stop. To let the writing flow and let come what will and publish it without editing or censorship.Today’s writing is not in response to a prompt, instead it was in response to a conversation I had with someone about cheating men

  RECORDED READING of the ‘Letter to Cheating Husbands’.

About Cheating Husband Essay

Letter to Cheating Husbands

This essay reading is a diversion from the the ’30 Minutes with Mo’ series in which I write for 30 minutes, non-stop, candid, unedited. This time instead of responding to a writing prompt, I was responding to a phone call in which I learned that a childhood friend and two other women close to me were betrayed by cheating husbands. I felt upset by the betrayal of those I care about. And, if truth be told, I suppose I fear how I would feel if my husband cheated on me. So… instead of allowing the negative energy to fester in my heart, I spent 15 minutes writing this ‘Letter to Cheating Husbands’. It’s sort of a rant, but it’s also a statement that cheating men should read to understand the folly of their actions… women who go with married men should read to realize the ramifications of their behavior… and betrayed women should read to know they are not alone.

Take this and all ’30 Minutes with Yogi Mo’ writings for what they are – candid, stream of consciousness writings that I just feel like sharing. – Monique[/box]


Devestated, Betrayed and Alone

Dear Cheating Husband

If you think you are not hurting your wife and family, you are dead wrong. If you think she can’t feel your infidelity, betrayal and the presence of another woman infecting your relationship, you are absolutely deluding yourself. If you think she doesn’t know, you are foolish.

Your behavior is not without consequences. You are causing deep emotional hurt to your wife, and by extension your kids. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Trust me, the only person being fooled here is you and your belief that being ‘naughty’ is fun and harmless. What is ‘in play’ here is not occasional nights with a forbidden partner, but a deliberate act of betrayal and emotional abuse of your wife.

Your wife sits at home feeling a deep sense of loneliness and that something is wrong. When she goes to you, the man she loves and has devoted her life to, and asks you for the truth – you lie. You make her feel like there is something wrong with her. You make her doubt her own intuition. So… this woman that you love… that loves you… you do irreparable harm to every time you cheat, lie and deny. You think you are better than a man that beats his wife? You are not. You too are a wife abuser, only the scars that you leave are deep and hidden, where nobody sees them and your wife must suffer alone.

Instead of perusing the internet, bars or office for someone to stroke your fragile ego, perhaps you should invest your energy into resolving whatever deep seated issue compels you to betray your wife and family. The only woman who will want to have an affair with you is one who is as deeply flawed and selfish as you are. Maybe that is what you seek? A selfish woman who ‘gets’ you and adores the act of betrayal? What is missing in you that you have to do this? Fix that… chasing women on the internet, at work, or in bars is a hopeless illusion.

YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!!!!! And when you do, it will not only be the last act in a long production of self destruction… it will destroy the lives of your wife and other loved ones who depend on you. When you get caught you will act like a scared or injured child… you will lick your wounds… you will seek pity… you will be ‘sorry’. In the back of your mind you will remember this letter… You will bemoan the fact that instead of choosing to do the right thing you chose to be a foolish and selfish man who put his neurotic need for ‘excitement’ and approval over the well being of his family, the mother of his children and the woman he supposedly loves. You will know that you are a coward and a fool.

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