The Mind is Everything. What you think, you Become.

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Miracle Meditation – A Course in Miracles Supplement

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Meditation: Nurturing Creativity through Gratitude

Free Creativity, Second Chakra Meditation

Yoga Inspired Course in Miracles

Take a FREE, Yoga Inspired Course in Miracles.

My Vision

My name is Monique Danielle. I’m a yoga teacher, web developer, closet writer, aspiring healer, and creative junkie. I started this website in March of 2012¬† because I wanted to to contribute something of value to the online yoga world. I took a break from the site May through Nov 2012, but have recommitted to adding valuable content to the site. is still evolving, but we do have a few hatha yoga pose tutorials, a couple a guest articles, a few free meditations, and a smattering of articles. Also you can sign up, free, to participate in our ‘Awareness’ workshop, Charka Healing Series and A Yoga Inspired Course in Miracle (ACIM). Today, Nov 9, 2012, I started filming some yoga sequences and tutorials which I hope to post within the next month as well.


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Criminal Justice and Ahimsa

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The Third Chakra, Week Three

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